Employment Assistance and Orientation Services

Mission: Helping clients enter the workforce in a satisfactory and sustainable way. The intervention approach is designed to enable the development of a professional project that takes into account the interests, skills, experiences and reality of the person. The services are therefore available to people who are actively looking for work or who are considering a return to work or school.

The services:

  • Educational and professional orientation
  • Help finding a job
  • Second language program
  • Workshops and groups
  • Entrepreneurial project
  • Examination monitoring for distance studies
  • Job fairs


Second language services help military family members improve or maintain their language skills in English or French.

Employment assistance

  • New: Employment Integration Project
  • Resume
  • Job search strategies
  • Toolbox

Career guidance

  • Career review
  • Reorientation
  • Education information
  • Return to an active life

Workshops and groups

  • New: Employment Integration Project
  • Workshops
  • Groups

Services for the self-employed

  • Description
  • Activities
  • Annual symposium

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