employment and education assistance

Do you want to enter the job market in a successful and permanent way? The counselling process aims to develop a professional project that takes in consideration your interests, skills, experiences and your reality. Services are offered to people who are actively seeking employment or who are considering a return to work or studies.

Services* : 

  • Educational and professional orientation
  • Job search assistance
  • Second Language Program
  • Workshops and groups
  • Entrepreneurial project
  • Monitoring exams for distance education
  • Job Fair

*Available to military families and reservists.

Second Language Training

Second language services help military family members and reservists improve or maintain their English or French language skills.

This hybrid program combines group conversation practice (2 hours per week online or in person) with unlimited access to the LRDG (Language Research Development Group) online learning program which includes interactive exercises and lessons.


Job search assistance

  • New : Employment integration project;
  • Personalized career counselling;
  • Job search strategies;
  • Resume and cover letter preparation and translation;
  • Interview skills;
  • Employer contacts and job follow up;
  • Referral to external resources.

Educational and professional orientation

  • Needs assessment;
  • Personalized career counselling;
  • Skills and interests assessment, and self-awareness;
  • Psychometric testing;
  • Information on the work force;
  • Information on the a educational institutions;
  • Information on financial assistance;
  • Monitoring exams for distance education.

Workshops and groups

Various thematic workshops and groups are offered throughout the year.
Workshop: Skills Assessment
The skills assessment helps you identify and gain greater confidence in your strengths. It also allows you to discover, develop, and be reassured about your choices. This four-session workshop is a tool that will help you on your career path.
Coffee Chat: Work-Life Balance
Juggling work, family responsibilities and being a spouse is not easy. Wearing many hats can be a real challenge! A guidance counsellor offers you  meeting space where you can, in a group, discuss your reality and share your tips.
Workshop: Resume and cover letter

The resume and cover letter are the most important tools in a job search. It is your foot in the door to a job interview.”This workshop gives job hunters the tools to adapt and to shape their resume and cover letter as accurately as possible.

Workshop: Job Interview

This workshop gives job hunters the tools they need to conquer a job interview and develop self-confidence.

Workshop: Mommy Goes Back to Work
After your kids’ diapers, baby bottles, homework, and little aches and pains, you feel ready to go back to work. A guidance counsellor will give you a series of three two hours workshops to help you think about where you want to go in life, strike a balance between work and family, and develop job search strategies suited to your needs.
Workshop: Life after the uniform
When you leave the Forces, you’re not only leaving behind a job, but a part of your military family as well. The goal of this workshop is to help you reflect on what you are leaving behind, and also on what you stand to gain.
Workshop: Life Goal
Workshops to assist willing and motivated veterans in developing a life project in order to grow as individuals. This project can also be meaningful for anyone looking to contribute, directly or indirectly, to the development and well-being of their environment, whether it is through a part-time or full-time job, involvement in the community, implementing a project based on their interests.
Professional transition and their mourning process
A guidance counsellor will present concrete tools to encourage reflexion on your professional situation. Take a moment to think about your professional situation, its transitions and the mourning process related to it.
Workshop: Going through a Transfer-related Job Transition
This workshop provides military spouses about to go through a transfer with help preparing for their job transition. A guidance counsellor will discuss job-hunting strategies for your résumé and cover letter, show you job-hunting tools, and more.
Workshop: Employment Integration in Quebec City
Do you need help finding a job because your spouse, a military member, has just been posted to Quebec City? In this workshop, you will learn strategies specifically for finding a job in Quebec City. A guidance counsellor will show you user friendly job-hunting tools.



The documentation center is a quiet place away from home where you can continue your job search with all the tools you need at hand.

  • Information on the job market and available job opportunities;
  • Information on schools and academic programs;
  • Individual assistance with your job search at any time;
  • Computer workstations with Internet access and software for resume writing;
  • Photocopier, scanner, and fax machine;
  • Facebook Job board updated daily.

Additional Resources