Is a loved one away, or soon will be? We are here to guide you through the various stages (before, during, after), to offer you tools, as well as services tailored to your needs. Whether it’s a course, an exercise, a deployment or an imposed restriction, don’t hesitate to call us. For a full description of our activities and services, click here.

Absence, are you ready?

A self-assessment quiz that will give you an idea of your current level of preparation. Don’t hesitate to use it throughout the process.

Preparation is the key to success during absences or deployments!

Oasis club and Dealing with Absence: Like a Boss

A support group for children who are living with the absence of a military parent due to courses, exercises, imposed restrictions, missions, etc. During the meetings, different themes and activities related to the absence are presented. From January to June : Schedule to be determined.

Daddy is going away!

WA workshop offered in daycares where at least one child, aged 3-5 years old is currently experiencing an absence of a military relative. The workshop aims to promote understanding of the different stages and emotions that the child could experience. Ask the daycare provider to register with us.

Personalized meeting during an absence

A counsellor who knows and understands the reality of absences is available to answer your questions and guide you to the right resources. The meetings are customized according to your needs, confidential and free.

Find all the information you need to send a package to a deployed member. Click here.

 Here’s a little story to watch with the family to help you explain the absence to your young child.

Partner resources

Ligne d’information pour les familles
Les padrés de Valcartier
Promotion de la santé


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