Find all the documents that the Valcartier Military Family Resource Centre has designed to make your life easier depending on the events that come your way.

Service guide

A summary of the services offered by theValcartier Military Family Resource Centre.



Checklist to avoid surprises that you would need to manage at the last minute during an absence. Good preparation is the key to success, take the time to browse this checklist.

The treasure chest

A guide to help make your life easier during the absence of your Canadian Armed Forces family member.

Guide for military parents experiencing an absence

Information guide for parents of deployed military personnel. Your child’s deployment can lead to a lot of questions and that’s perfectly normal.

The toolbox

Information, tips and tricks to help you accompany your 0-5 year old through the reality of a parent’s absence.

The passport

Information, tips and tricks to help you accompany your 6-12 year old through the reality of a parent’s absence.

Chores are unavoidable

Fun quiz game to make it easier for couples to share tasks.

The Waypoint

The Waypoint is a guide to help parents understand the reactions of their teens who are experiencing an absence and to implement the strategies and practices best suited to their reality.

Childhood – Youth

Joey's Mom is Going Away

Story adapted for preschool and primary school children who are experiencing or will experience an absence.

A father to be proud of

Story adapted for preschool and primary school children who are experiencing or will experience an absence.

Deployment Journal

A book suitable for children 9 years of age or older who wish to keep a journal while their parent is deployed.

Project: Kids, Let's Talk

Story adapted for children 10 years of age and older who are experiencing or will experience an absence or a move.

My Mom is a Soldier

Histoire adaptée pour les enfants d’âge préscolaire et du primaire qui vivront un déménagement.

Preparing for high school guide

Guide to prepare youth for the transition between elementary school and high school. This lists the main changes and gives tips to make this transition a success.

Childcare services guide

Everything you need to know about childcare services.

Activity Guide - Quebec and its surroundings

Collection of activities to do with children of all ages in the Quebec region and surrounding areas.

Psychosocial Services

Sepcial needs

The special needs include a variety of conditions with different challenges and require the implementation of measures to enable the child to conduct his daily life activities.

*Available soon in English.

OSI Guide for the family

A guide about signs of Operational stress injury (OSI). It is intended for family members and friends and provides some answers to frequently asked questions.

Leo and Lily Don't Understand What Is Wrong With Their Dad!

A book for kids about operational stress injury (OSI).


Moving checklist

Checklist to help you prepare for a posting, one step at a time. Avoid forgetting one of the many steps you need to take.

Guide to the Quebec City Region military community

Reference tool offering a wealth of useful information about the services offered on the Valcartier Base.

Health Guide

Tool to better understand and find health services available in the Quebec City area.

Quebec City

Website for visiting Quebec City and its tourist attractions.

Moving with kids

A handy checklist to help you prepare children for a move.

Welcome Guide

This document provides you with important information to help you make the transition to your new community.

Parent-Child posting guide

Information, tips and advice for discussing the posting with your child.

Guide to relocating

Tips, timelines, tools, checklists and resources to help you plan, to reduce the stress or frustration you’re feeling, and to make the move process more manageable for you and your family.

A family guide to the military experience

This document contains the resources necessary to prepare for the military lifestyle. Here you will find information about programs and services, contact information and practical tips.

Activity book: Hero in Training

This activity book helps your child prepare for the move, learn about making new friends, build their confidence, get excited about their new home, and manage their emotions through this life-changing process. Skills for life!

The research page highlights various studies on military families. Some are not translated as much in English as in French. We are not responsible for the conclusions of the studies present in the page.