Are you going to be posted soon or have you just moved? We know that a posting requires a lot of adaptation and a great deal of information, whether it’s a departure to another base or an arrival in Valcartier. Don’t hesitate to call us.


Military Administation (In/Out/Dag)

You are a military member and you need to do administration with the Valcartier Military Family Resource Centre (VMFRC)? Whether it’s an In-Out-Dag-VEPP, you’re in the right place.

Welcome to Valcartier and its surroundings!

Moving to a new community can be an experience that is both exciting and stressful. This document contains key information that will help you make the transition into your new community.

Health Guide

A tool to better understand and find health services available in the Quebec City area.

To facilitate communication between English speakers and French-speaking health professionals:
The VEQ’s Health Passport 

We're moving again

Would you like to prepare your children (ages 5-12) to make the move easier? Sign them up for this preparatory workshop.

Pre-Posting Tool

In order to further assist you in your posting, we have created an additional tool, which you can consult according to your needs and at your convenience. Simply complete the form and we will send you the link. 

Welcome visit

The welcome visit allows you to learn about the services offered by the Valcartier MFRC, meet the various employees and become familiar with the facilities. If you have recently arrived in the area or simply do not know our services, do not hesitate to ask for a visit.

Set aside a time to pick up your welcome plant to add life to your home.

Personalized meeting during a posting

A counsellor who knows and understands the reality of postings is available to answer your questions and guide you to the right resources. The meetings are customized according to your needs, confidential and free.

Posting testimony

Lyne Tremblay tells us about her experiences during the various postings during her time in the Canadian Armed Forces.
Lyne is a Valcartier Military Family Resource Centre volunteer who has moved on several occasions both as a military member and as a military spouse, with and without children.

Posting exemple

Posting with children

How to prepare for a posting

Learning new language

Financial tips when relocating

Jonaie Marcoux, military spouse and Bachelor in Accounting and Finance shares a few financial tips to avoid unpleasant surprises following a posting.

When you are posted to Quebec:

When you are posted outside Quebec: