Veterans and their families

The Veteran Family Program Coordinators are available to facilitate the transition for the whole family.

Veteran Family Program Team

Veteran Family Program Coordinators guide released members of the Canadian Armed Forces, Veterans and families to services and resources that can facilitate the transition to civilian life.

Mental Health First Aid

Come learn to provide first aid to anyone showing sings of mental health problems or going through a mental health crisis. The workshop is adapted to the veteran community, their family members and theirs peer support providers. 
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Living your life to the fullest

Learn how to sleep better, feel more energetic, confident and happy, develop relationships and help others.
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Personalized meeting for veteran family

A counsellor who knows and understands the reality of Veterans’ families is available to answer your questions and guide you to the right resources. The meetings are customized according to your needs, confidential and free.

Veteran Family Program Transition Programs

Veteran Family Journal

A tool with a wealth of useful information on release, worksheets and a long-term care plan for the family. Available online and in print at the Valcartier Family Centre. The paper version will allow you to group all your documentation on release into a convenient binder. Free.



Platform including more than 70 training modules on different subjects releted to physical health, psychological health, interpersonal relationships and parenting. There are live video sessions during wich it is possible to interact with facilitators. Available through the website or mobile app. Veterans and their families use the username “veterans” and the password “canada” in the mobile app and the password “canada” on the website. 

Mental health first aid

Offered by the Canadian Association for Mental Health in Quebec City, this training is intended for the relatives of a person with a mental health problem. The objective of this training is to teach participants how to provide primary assistance to anyone who has a mental health problem or is in crisis. Content tailored to meet the needs of Veterans and their loved ones. Free. Duration: 16 hours, Saturday and Sunday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Operational Stress Injury (OSI) Resource

An online learning tool designed for families and peer caregivers to improve the management of challenges related to the role of peer assistance. You’ll find information about OSI, the potential impact on caregivers and strategies for dealing with it. In partnership with Veterans Affairs Canada, the Royal Ottawa Health Group and the Government of Canada. Free, no registration required.

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Other groups and workshops

Compassion Fatigue Workshop

You question yourself about the compassion fatigue ? You want to learn about it ?

This workshop aims to improve the knowledge of compassion fatigue and how to prevent it, express concerns about it and provide resources.


Life Plan


The Valcartier MFRC invites you to participate in five free workshops on the theme “Life Plan.”

If you are a veteran and :

1- You are questioning yourself and would like to explore your interests, strengths and values

2- You are in search of meaning and new projects, but you don’t know where to start

3- You would like to talk to other veterans who want to move forward and find small or big goals to achieve

4- You don’t want to rush into anything, but would like to reflect on your future

LVAU (English version available soon)

When you leave the Forces, you’re not only leaving behind a job, but a part of your military family as well.

The goal of this workshop is to help you reflect on what you are leaving behind, but also on what you stand to gain. Counsellors and a veteran will lead a series of four workshops, lasting three hours each.

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