Has your child become the Hulk?

Have they turned green, are they throwing things, and do they have trouble with the word “no”? Fear not, you’re not the only one experiencing situations like this with your child. . Special Care Counselors may not be able to transform your child with a wave of a wand, but they can offer proven tips and tricks to try.

What’s a Special Care Counselor, anyway?

Special Care Counselors specialize in parenting. If you’re a parent who is having trouble with one or more of your children, come to us for help! We have several different options, from Triple P conferences, to personal Triple P sessions, one-on-one coaching and referrals to specialized resources, as well as a component on special needs.

What’s Triple P?

Triple P is a program that focuses on PositiveParenting Practices. The program is designed to support parents in helping their child improve a specific behaviour. . It’s the #1 program in public services (CLSC) and it has impressive results! ! At the VMFRC, we offer a series of three conferences for the general public and, should you need more specific tools, we also offer a series of four personal sessions. The goal of these sessions is to work on a specific component of a child’s behaviour and improve it. The parent will implement a parenting plan with new positive strategies and apply it to improve the specific behaviour.

Are you worried about coming to see us?

It’s okay! You’re not the only person to come see us; there have been tons. We’ve seen it all: zombies (who do not want to sleep), intrepid explorers (who struggle with boundaries), ogres (who put things in their mouth) and the list goes on and on.

What will the Special Care Counselor do?

The Special Care Counselor will help you refine your parenting skills. They’ll teach you how to nurture your child so that they can grow and flourish. They’ll teach you the importance of providing children the right dose of positive reinforcement, warmth and support, but also how to discourage bad behaviours so that children can grow and develop.

Does it take a long time?

The number of sessions can vary depending on your situation. Often, Special Care Counselors will offer five sessions using the Triple P program. This program targets a child’s specific behaviour that the parent wants to improve or change, and provides them with a plan and strategies.

Who is this program for?

For families of active service members (regular and reserve), families of injured or sick service members, grieving families and families of veterans released for medical reasons. Whether you are a single parent, an in-law, or a parent who has custody, you can access our services.

How does it work?

Your first contact will be with an intake worker. They’ll evaluate your needs and refer you to the proper service. If your needs cannot be met by VMFRC services, the intake worker will refer you to the right place, whether it’s a civilian or military resource.

How can I access the program?

You can:

  • 1. Call 418-844-6060.
  • 2. Email info@crfmv.com
  • 3. Submit a service request online at www.crfmv.com
  • 4. Visit us at our office: Building 93, PO Box 1000, Station Forces, Courcelette (Quebec), GOA 4Z0

Did you know?:

  • The program is free.
  • It’s confidential.
  • It’s offered in both English and French.
  • Meetings can be held in-person, over the phone or by teleconsultation. The Special Care Counselors will adapt to whatever option works best for you.