***In French Only***

Getting to know yourself, liking yourself as you are, knowing your strengths and limitations, is a long-term process! Parents can be very good guides to help their children build their self-confidence. In our podcast this week, Mathieu Bouchard (Childhood and Youth Counsellor at the Valcartier MFRC) and Audrey Charland (Special Care Counsellor at the Valcartier MFRC) present two fictional cases. Find out what the lack of self-confidence of Baboune, a 6 year old boy, and Kimberly, a 15 year old teenager, are like. Find out what tips and tricks you can use to support your kids.

The web magazine “Naitre et grandir” talks about children’s self-esteem: https://naitreetgrandir.com/fr/etape/1_3_ans/comportement/fiche.aspx?doc=ik-naitre-grandir-comment-batir-confiance-estime-de-soi-enfant
The board game “La montagne de la confiance” https://www.renaud-bray.com/Jeux_Produit.aspx?id=2587081&def=La+montagne+de+la+confiance,13729836 ask for other outlets