By Julie Desrosiers, psychosocial prevention worker at the Valcartier Family Centre

Let it be said, the simple word VACATION makes us dream…

In the context of a global pandemic, many of us are wondering whether this is a good time to be going on one…

We are quick to think that we might prefer to keep them banked for our next trip, which was recently cancelled, or even planned for the beautiful beaches of Maine, New Brunswick or Norway… In other words when this diabolic pandemic is over!

But as we all know, the pandemic hit hard, and I’m not just talking about Covid-19. I’m talking about the repercussions on our whole being…Our mental health has been tested and continues to be tested to the highest degree! Stress can dig furrows, but it is our responsibility to try to limit the damage…and to take care of ourselves!

Fortunately, there are several options available for us! 😊

As we know, this saga has catapulted us off the field, leaving our comfort zones far behind… Lots and lots of changes in such a short period of time in all areas of our lives: relationships, employment, finance, studies, projects, health…

The entire planet is under major stress and each one of us is impacted differently, depending on several factors…

This crisis has raised a number of questions on many levels among many of us, and sometimes of an existential nature…This is completely normal.

What if we tried as best we could to get through this situation by choosing to limit the devastation?

With time, we hope that the years will take us away from this unprecedented nightmare and bring us closer to a time when contact with our fellow human beings are not associated with risk and danger… Because YES, humans are a part of our well-being! Yes, human contact is necessary for our well-being, it’s completely normal. And yes, to be confined and cut off from the world, then “deconfined”, with all the stress generated by this crisis and its risks has left its mark on many of us…It is NORMAL.

The last few months have been difficult for everyone! So, please, if the word VACATION makes us dream…Let’s not hesitate to take some because no matter where we go, a vacation is so much fun! Changing the routine or even better, not having one for a while, taking care of yourself other than with a coffee and a computer (for those who are teleworking😉), having fun with family or friends, playing outside, and recharging your batteries can be a BIG DEAL when your batteries are low… And TAKING THE TIME to do nothing and think about the minimal can also be part of the plan, as well as long walks in nature or a picnic by the water!

What if we made the word VACATION a priority for our well-being, for our betterment?

Op vacation is on! 😎

It’s a good time this summer to take a break, even if it’s just a few days off to unwind… Especially when you don’t know what the fall season will look like.

Better to refocus on the PRESENT MOMENT because that’s all that matters.

It’s time to give back to your body, heart and soul as it will make them feel so good and to thank them at the same time for everything we put them through day after day! They are the ones who support us unconditionally every day in all our state of minds. Simply because our health should always be at the heart of our priorities. And that taking care of ourselves means doing things that make us feel good!

And if we tend to feel guilty at the mere sight of that word, or even to feel that we surely do not deserve them as much because we have not been as productive as we normally would be, or a thousand other reasons… STOP that racing mind! 😉

Because in times of a pandemic, everyone needs it without any necessary justification. Yes, even those who have lost their jobs need it, because losing your job is really stressful! And that VACATION is not synonymous with not working, although it does take a break to be able to do so.

Vacation is synonymous with a BREAK, a change of relationship with time and daily rhythm, while doing activities that thrill us…It is a state of being that takes us out of the production mode, performance and daily routine to simply fill up with what we need to take care of ourselves… 📷

The less time we take to take care of ourselves when we really need it, the more we put our mental and physical health at risk.

No one wins by postponing what we need the most!

Because a vacation solves a lot of problems and more often than not, it avoids many prolonged absences from work due to illness.

We hope that when we return from our VACATION, smiling at each other again, full of happy memories left by this wonderful time of life spent with those we love, doing what we love, when we feel like it!

Sometimes it’s as simple as that taking care of our mental health!