On this special day, it is important to highlight the great strength of fathers. I sincerely believe that behind every dad is a great power that allows us, when the situation requires it, to move the biggest mountain! If you ask my boy who is the strongest and most fearless man in the world, he would probably tell you it’s me and I would be very happy! But is that really the case? The strongest in the world?

What exactly does being”strong” mean? The definition offered by the Larousse dictionary goes as follows: “Who has vigour, physical strength, who is sturdy, solid: A strong man. ». Ha! So even the dictionary seems to agree that a man must be strong… If you read between the lines, you can understand that a father must be and remain strong. That he has no right to make mistakes, let alone show his weaknesses. And if, on this Father’s Day, we allowed ourselves to think otherwise?

Praise vulnerability

Sometimes perceived as weakness, vulnerability is more important and beneficial than one might think. Because being vulnerable also means accepting that life is filled with pitfalls and that it does not always go as planned. It’s exposing ourselves to situations or feelings that can upset us deeply. It’s to “deal” with your wounds now instead of letting them grow so big that they end up blowing us up.

Am I saying that it’s easy to be vulnerable and welcome these not so pleasant emotions? Of course not! Each person has a different life journey and will experience the same situation in a thousand different ways. It’s a constant job and not always easy! It’s normal to have your cup full of them some days, it’s normal to question yourself, it’s normal to make mistakes and it’s more than normal to ask for help when you need it. Without knowing it, it is probably the most beautiful gift you will give to your children, a priceless legacy. Remember that your children are constantly watching you and learning from your mistakes.

Hats off to all those fathers who laugh, cry, shout, get angry, love, argue, apologize and, above all, forgive each other. The important thing is not how you fall, but how you get up, and I believe that the greatest strength of the modern-day dad is in his vulnerabilities.

Be proud!

Here I address you: fathers, fathers-in-law, grandfathers and all those who it concerns… BE Proud! You are very fortunate to have a unique role that is particular to each one of you. This is your day and take the time to recognize the importance you have in your family.