Despite the labor shortage, employers are still selective when choosing candidates. Key skills are increasingly sought after and coveted by most employers. Which competencies are they? They are skills that are essential for personal growth and development, as well as for social integration and employment.

Why are they important to know, develop, and apply? Because these skills, once acquired, become very useful tools throughout your career, while giving you an edge over other job seekers who do not possess or apply them. Employers are quick to recognize employees who apply these skills.

The key competencies can be grouped into four categories:

Take ownership of your environment:

  • Quickly grasp the organization’s culture and actively contribute to the process
  • Understand your role and responsibilities
  • Demonstrate a professional and ethical attitude

Realize your tasks:

  • Contribute to the overall quality of the products or services
  • Analyze situations, solve problems, and make decisions
  • Plan and manage time effectively
  • Demonstrate autonomy and initiative as well as the ability to ask for help

Interacting with others:

  • Communicate effectively with colleagues, clients, and the employer
  • Recognize and manage conflict situations
  • Collaborate with others in a team environment
  • Be open-minded and tolerant of others

Adapt to situations and challenges:

  • Manage emotions and stress
  • Nuture motivation and maintain a positive attitude
  • Know how to reconcile personal life and work
  • Adopt job friendly behaviors (directly related to your work, to the company culture or related to the hierarchy)

If you wish to “develop your key competencies,” our guidance counselors will be pleased to assist you in your endeavours, either individually or through the various workshops we have developed in relation to key competencies. If you have any questions, please call (418)844-6060 or send an email to:

by Patricia Hurens, employment counselor